Title: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC TV show)
Source: audio tape, video tape. Transcription by "Pieter from Holland" as published on the Tom Waits Library
Date: NBC Studios. Burbank, USA. March 15, 2000
Keywords: Mule Variations, Jay Leno
Accompanying pictures
Source: TV screen shot from "The Tonight Show". Date: March 15, 2000. Photography by Matt Garretson. Thanks to Matt Garretson for providing this picture
Source: TV screen shot from "The Tonight Show" w. Jay Leno. Date: March 15, 2000. Photography by Matt Garretson. Thanks to Matt Garretson for providing this picture


The Tonight Show With Jay Leno


JL: My next guest, two-time Grammy-winning(1) singer and songwriter is eh. has gotten one of the best reviews of his career for his latest CD Mule Vib. eh Variations. Please welcome Tom Waits! [applause]

[Performs 'House Where Nobody Lives']

JL: Ok, have a seat. Great job!. Very ni., how have ya been?
TW: Good
JL: Pretty good?
TW: Yeah, all's well here, yeah.
JL: Cause we've met before. you know that!
TW: Wwwell it was a long time ago eh. Actually it was eh. My memory of it was eh.
JL: Your memory.
TW: Eh. Mayfair Market? Remember?
JL: Mayfair Market on Santa Monica!
TW: . two o'clock in the morning. you had a great big afro [laughter]
JL: I did have an afro eh...
TW: I mean it was a REALLY big afro.
JL: That's like '74, '75?
TW: It was about '74.
JL: That's right, yeah a big afro.
TW: . and we were over by the eh. hair care products and eh.[laughter]
JL: Both of us!
TW: We were both. we were both. It was kind of a private moment we shared together! [laughter]
JL: That's right, that's right!
TW: I was looking for a conditioner and you were looking for a. I think a pick comb. with an extender on it! [laughter]
JL: That's right! That's right! You got it! [applause]
TW: Now I know you are fascinated by unusual facts. Is this like a. hobby of yours?
TW: Oh, I wouldn't call it a hobby.
JL: Well.ok, not a hobby. Have you got one?
TW: No, but I eh. You mean what's my favorite?
JL: Yeah, you got a favorite. fact?
TW: I DO have a favorite. I actually got two favorites. My, my first favorite is that eh. Doctors are starting to use leeches again in, in medicine.
JL: Right.
TW: You know about that.
JL: Aha.
TW: And eh the trouble is, it leaves a scar on the skin that's the exact replica of the eh logo for Mercedes Benz. So. [long silence followed by laughter] This is true!
JL: And it's a fascinating fact!
TW: It IS a fascinating fact. And they, they say, there's no truth in advertising. [laughter]
JL: Yeah, well there you are. Well 'Mule Variations', right there, is the new CD! [applause] Tom will you come back and see us again?
TW: Yeah.
JL: Good to have you buddy! Don't make it another 25 years! Tom Waits!


(1) Two-time Grammy-winning: Best Alternative Music Album for "Bone Machine" in 1992. Best Contemporary Folk Album for "Mule Variations" in 2000.
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