Tom Waits Library: Test 9

1) From which song is this line: "And it's more than a bad dream, now that I'm sober..."?

2) Who was "Artie" as mentioned in the sub-title for Jitterbug Boy?

3) Which song mentions one Yodeling Elaine?

4) When was the biography "Wild Years: The Music And Myth Of Tom Waits" released?

5) What year was the album Bone Machine released?

6) Where was Waits presented "a key of the city", when touring for Glitter and Doom (2008)?

7) Which song quotes from a New York Times article?

8) From which album is the song Jersey Girl?

9) Why did Waits fly over to Buenos Aires/ Argentina in April 2007?

10) What car is shown on the Blue Valentine back cover?

11) According to Chip White, what movie script did Waits know by heart in the late 1970's?

12) About how many live shows did Waits do during his Asylum years (1972-1982) ?

13) Who is the author of the 2009 biography "Lowside Of The Road: A Life Of Tom Waits"?

14) What are the origins of the song What Keeps Mankind Alive?

15) In which movie did Waits play a limo driver?

16) Who played: saxes, clarinets, horns on the Big Time album and movie?

17) Who did Waits describe as: "a mensch, a liar, a monkey, and a pathological Vaudevillian..."?

18) Who was the bass player on the Glitter and Doom tour of 2008?

19) For which charity did Waits have his "oil spot photos" auctioned in 2007-2009?

20) Where was the Orphans cover artwork shot?

21) What kind of percussion instrument was used for God's Away On Business?

22) According to her 2006 bio, what relation did singer Jesca Hoop have with Waits?

23) Which song has not yet been released on record by Waits?

24) According to Waits in 2004, who affected him the most as an artist?

25) Who directed the movie The Fisher King (1991)?