Tom Waits Library: Test 6

1) Where did the girl from the song $ 29.00 come from?

2) On which album is the song Diamonds And Gold?

3) Which song mentions one Joey Navinski?

4) For which song did Smokey Hormel play the C�mb�s?

5) What year was Kellesimone Waits born?

6) Who was the unlucky host of the 1983 Channel-4 TV talkshow Loose Talk?

7) Where did Tom Waits and Jim Jarmusch supposedly meet for the first time?

8) Which spoken word piece did Waits contribute to the album Smack My Crack?

9) With whom does Waits have a dialogue in Coffee And Cigarettes?

10) Who was originally planned to be Waits' singing partner for One From The Heart?

11) Which song did John Hammond cover on his 1992 album Got Love If You Want It?

12) Where was the 1993 bootleg Cold Beer On A Hot Night recorded?

13) Where did the play Demon Wine have its premiere?

14) Who Sings The Last Rose Of Summer in the play The Black Rider?

15) According to Waits, where did he get the original Alice tapes from?

16) According to Waits, where did he get married?

17) What is the Tomas Y Tomas project about?

18) Which Tom Waits song mentions Schwab's Drugstore?

19) Which Tom Waits song starts with: "Edna Million in a drop dead suit..."?

20) Which song was re-recorded for the soundtrack of Shrek II (2004)?

21) Who ran Napoleone Pizza House when Waits was working there?

22) For which production was the song If I Have To Go of Orphans orignally written?

23) What movie is the song Burma Shave inspired by?

24) Where is Little Red's Recovery Room, as mentioned in Filipino Box Spring Hog?

25) When was the last time Tom Waits toured Australia?