Late Night Grande Hotel, Nanci Griffith, 1991
Label: MCA Records, MCAD-10306. Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    The Fire Inside. Bob Seger. 1991
Label: Capitol. Songs covered: "Blind Love", "New Coat Of Paint"
    Long Term Lovers Of Pain. Hue And Cry. 1991
Label: Circa YRCD71. Song covered: "The Heart Of Saturday Night"
    Freakshow. The Bulletboys. 1991
Label: Warner Bros. Records. Song covered: "Hang On St. Christopher"
    The Bobs Sing The Songs Of... The Bobs. 1991
Label: Rhino Records. Song covered: "Temptation"
    Hessel Live Ahoy '91, Hessel. 1991
Label: Self-released. Song covered: "Jersey Girl"
    Northern Songs. Mirrors Over Kiev. 1991
Label: Run River Records. Song covered: “Hang Down Your Head”
    Blame It On My Youth. Holly Cole Trio, 1991 (1992?)
Label: Manhattan. Song covered: "Purple Avenue"
    A Real Life Story. Maura O'Connell. February, 1991
Label: Warner Bros. records (9-26342-2). Song covered: "Broken Bicycles"
    Nachtgedanken. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Gerd K�ster). May 6, 1991
Label: Chlodwig (Sony BMG). Song covered (in German/ K�lsch): "Temptation" (Ich Will Dich, by Marion Radke)
    Black Music For White People. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. July, 1991
Label: Rhino/Bizarre 1991 (Manifesto re-release). Produced by Robert Duffey. Song covered: "Heartattack And Vine" (Levi's ad, 1993) & "Ice Cream Man". The original "Heartattack And Vine" says "... there's just God when he's drunk", but here it's "... that's just Screamin' Jay when he's drunk"
    So Far So Good (The Best Of Mathilde Santing). Mathilde Santing. 1992
Label: Megadisc (The Netherlands). Songs covered: "Broken Bicycles", "Is There Any Way Out Of This Dream?"
    My Flame. Jim Nichols & Morning. 1992
Label: self-released. Song covered: "Please Call Me Baby"
    A New Coat Of Paint. John Slaughter Blues Band. 1992
Label: Timeless Records CD SJP 313. Song covered: "New Coat Of Paint"
    This All Is The Rock 'n' Roll. Brigada S. 1992
Label: Self-released. Song covered: "Telephone Call From Istanbul"
    This Town. Liberty Horses. 1992
Label: Rough Trade Singles Club (7" single UK). Song covered: "Innocent When You Dream"
    Blues Package Live. Blues Package. 1992
Label: Aschfrecords (Germany). Song covered: "New Coat Of Paint"
    Cool in July. Bertus Borgers & The Groove. 1992
Label: Universe-Virgin (CDSP 95729). Song covered: "Yesterday Is Here"
    Good News. Bertus Borgers & The Groove. 1992
Label: Universe-Virgin (CD-single 165 558). Song covered: "Yesterday Is Here" (same version as on "Cool In July')
    Got Love If You Want It. John Hammond. April, 1992
Label: Charisma 86285. Emd/ Virgin. Song covered: "No One Can Forgive Me But My Baby". (Written by Tom Waits. Not officially released by Tom Waits)
    Acoustic. Everything But The Girl. June, 1992
Label: WEA/ Atlantic. Song covered: "Downtown Train"
    Paper Doll. The Picketts. October, 1992
Label: Popllama Records. Song covered: "The Heart Of Saturday Night"
    The Anthology: Down in Birdland. Manhattan Transfer. October 13, 1992
Label: Rhino Records. Song covered: "Foreign Affair"
    Shine. Liberty Horses. November 17, 1992
Label: Capitol (CD single). Song covered: "Innocent When You Dream"
    Wintertour. Z�ri West. November 21, 1992
Label: Weltrekords (Switserland). Song covered: “Yesterday Is Here” (live version in Swiss: “Bis I Zrügg Bi”)
    Fat Cats. Johnny Hooper. December, 1992
Label: Self-released CDJRH2. Songs covered: "Johnsburg, Illinois", "Jersey Girl"
    Heart Attack & Vine. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. 1993
Label: Epic. Levi's commercial release (Holland). Song covered: "Heartattack And Vine" (from: Black Music For White People, 1991). (In 1993 this song was used in Levi's advertisements, and two different cover designs were issued.) Levi's apology as printed in Billboard magazine. "An Apology To Tom Waits: Tom Waits is opposed to his music, voice, name or picture being used in commercials. We at Levi Strauss & Co. have long admired Mr. Waits' work and respect his artistic integrity including his heartfelt views on the use of his music in commercials. From January to June 1993 Levi Strauss Europe authorised broadcasting in 17 countries a commercial for Levi's 501 jeans called "Procession". This commercial featured Tom Waits' song "Heart Attack and Vine" performed by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. We obtained the rights in good faith and were unaware of Mr. Waits' objections to such usage of his composition. We meant no offense to Mr. Waits and regret that "Heart Attack and Vine" was used against his wishes and that the commercial caused him embarrassment. ". Read full story
    Heart Attack & Vine. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. 1993
Label: Columbia. Levi's commercial release (UK). Song covered: "Heartattack And Vine". (In 1993 this song was used in Levi's advertisements, and two different cover designs were issued. Holland/ UK). Read full story
    Experience The Divine. Bette Midler, 1993
Label: Atlantic. Song covered: "Shiver Me Timbers"
    Howlin' Mercy. John Campbell. 1993
Label: Elektra. Song covered: "Down In The Hole"
    New West Hotel. The Walkabouts. 1993
Label: SubPop Germany, SP 81/252. Song covered: "Yesterday Is Here"
    Blues Britannia. Various artists. 1993
Label: Bridge Recording (various re-releases until 2004). Song covered: "San Diego Serenade" (performed by Cliff Aungier)
    Vox Poppin'. Stormy Weather. 1993
Label: Street Gold. Songs covered: "Small Change/ The One That Got Away" (a cappella medley). Re-released on "Looking For An Echo", 1999
    Jack Candy. The Walkabouts. 1993
Label: CD-single, SubPop Germany, SPCD 81/251. Song covered: "Yesterday Is Here"
    Navidades Furiosas. Various artists. 1993
Label: La F�brica Magn�tica (Spain). Song covered: "Time" (performed by: El Inquilino Comunista)
    La Danza. Span. 1993
Label: Self-released (Switserland). Song covered: "Poncho's Lament" ("Jung", same version as on Be-Stoff, 2006)
    I Got Thunder. Baby Jane Dexter. January, 1993
Label: Elba Records (re-released in 1998). Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Things Left Unsaid. Eric Leeds, February 23, 1993
Label: Warner Brothers. Song covered: "Soldier's Things"
    Unplugged And Seated. Rod Stewart. March, 1993
Label: Warner Bros. Records. Song covered: "Tom Traubert's Blues"
    Lead Singer. Rod Stewart. March 12, 1993
Label: Wea/ Warner. Song covered: "Tom Traubert's Blues"
    The Soul Of Many Places. Iain Matthews. May, 1993
Label: WEA/ Elektra. Song covered: "Ol' '55"
    Pinups. Human Drama. May 18, 1993
Label: Triple X. Songs covered: "Yesterday Is Here", "Hang Down Your Head"
    Profile. Richie Cole. June 16, 1993
Label: Heads Up. Song covered: "Foreign Affair" (instrumental)
    Eclipse. Astrid Seriese. July, 1993
Label: Bridgadoon (The Netherlands). Songs covered: "Yesterday Is Here", "Little Boy Blue" 
    Live At New York Town Hall. Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet. September, 1993
Label: Warner PRO-CD-6480 (US promo). Recorded March 18, 1983. Song covered: "More Than Rain" 
    Is My Love Enough. Chris Daniels & The Kings. September, 1993
Label: Flying Fish Records. Song covered: "The Heart Of Saturday Night"
    Sto Megaro Mouskis. Elli Paspala. September 1, 1993
Label: Sony Music - BMG (Greece). Song covered: "Temptation"
    Live 1989-1993. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Gerd K�ster). November 15, 1993
Label: Chlodwig (BMG/ Germany). Songs covered (in German/ K�lsch): "The Piano Has Been Drinking", "Better Off Without A Wife", "Invitation To The Blues", "Clap Hands" (Maat H��sch), "Heartattack And Vine" (Kopp in d�r Sand), "I Never Talk To Strangers" (Met Fremde kein Verdr��ch)

The Water Is Wide. Rita & Frank Eriksen. 1994
Label: BMG (Norway). Song covered: "Poncho's Lament"

    Old Boyfriends. Claire Martin. 1994
Label: Linn Records (Scotland). Song covered: "Old Boyfriends"
    Cover Girl. Shawn Colvin. 1994
Label: Columbia/ Sony 477240 2. Songs covered: "The Heart Of Saturday Night" (live), "Ol' '55"
    Cover Girl - Extra!. Shawn Colvin. 1994
Label: Columbia/ Sony promo only 3-track CD. Song covered: "Ol' '55"
    Heavy Metal Horns. Heavy Metal Horns. 1994
Label: Self-released. Song covered: "Way Down In The Hole"
    American Recordings. Johnny Cash. 1994
Label: Sony/ Columbia (1994), American Recordings (re-release 2002). Song covered: "Down There By The Train". (Written by Tom Waits. Not officially released by Tom Waits)
    Ballads. Mathilde Santing. 1994
Label: Megadisc (The Netherlands). Song covered: "Broken Bicycles"
    Vanity. Jan Vayne. 1994
Label: EMI (The Netherlands). Songs covered: "Ruby's Arms", "Invitation To The Blues", "Martha"
    Bury The Bottle With Me. Jever Mountain Boys. 1994
Label: Blue Million Miles. Song covered: "Yesterday Is Here"
    Covers. Thomas Lang. 1994
Label: Portazul Nippon Columbia. Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Ravenswood. Jeff Lang. 1994
Label: Black Market Music (re-released in 2001). Song covered: "A Little Rain"
    Spiewomalowanie. Mariusz Lubomski. 1994
Label: Self-released. Songs covered: "Underground", "Rain Dogs" (Zmokniete psy) and "I'll Be Gone" (Nie bedzie mnie)
    Risque. Térez Montcalm. 1994
Label: BMG Music Canada Ltd. Song covered: “Way Down In The Hole”
    Nada Suena Igual. Los Hermanos Dalton. 1994 
Label: Dro East West (CD single and cassette). Song covered: “Downtown Train”
    For The City. Johnny Hooper. January, 1994
Label: Townsend Records. Song covered: "Saving All My Love For You"
    Tubas From Hell. Dave Gannet. February 28, 1994
Label: Summit/ D'Note Classics. Song covered: "Tom Traubert's Blues"
    Somethin' Funny Goin' On. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. March, 1994
Label: Bizarre/Planet (40105). Produced by Robert Duffey. Song covered: "Whistlin' Past The Graveyard". Included in the 2000 tribute album "New Coat Of Paint" (Manifesto records) 
    Dry County. Bon Jovi. March 31, 1994
Label: Polygram International. Song covered: "Tom Traubert's Blues" (sung by Tico Torres)
    Street Corner Singers. Reunion. June, 1994
Label: Collectables Records. Song covered: "The Heart Of Saturday Night" (Doo-Wop/ acappella)
      Women. Don Bouchat. August 31, 1994
Label: Self-released. Song covered: "Rainbow Sleeves"
    Mister No Good. Ole Friis. September 21, 1994
Label: Poul Hansen/ Kick Records (Denmark). Songs covered: "Heartattack And Vine", "Shiver Me Timbers", "Tom Traubert's Blues"
    Secret World. Astrid Seriese. October, 1994
Label: Brigadoon (The Netherlands) re-released in 2003. Songs covered: "Dirt In The Ground", "Underground", "Blow Wind Blow"
    Gente Comune. Fiorella Mannoia. October 20, 1994
Label: Harpo/ Sony Music (Italy). Song covered: "I Don't Wanna Grow Up - Non voglio crescere pi�"
    Live At The Troubadour. Glenn Yarbrough. October 31, 1994
Label: Folk Era Records (recorded live in 1978). Song covered: "Shiver Me Timbers"
    Irish Cream. Seasons. November 23, 1994
Label: Edel. Song covered: "Tom Traubert's Blues"
    To All My Friends In Far Flung Places. Dave Van Ronk. December, 1994
Label: Gazell (double CD). Song covered: "Jersey Girl"
    Horizon. Big Sky (Steve Louw). 1995
Label: Polygram BPCD 1 (South-Africa). Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    No Brains No Tumors. 2227. 1995
Label: Strip Core/ Forum (Slovenia). Song covered: "Innocent When You Dream"
    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Singer! Tom Lewis. 1995
Label: Borealis (Canada). Song covered: "Shiver Me Timbers"
    Adios Amigos. The Ramones, 1995
Label: RadioActive Records. Song covered: "I Don't Wanna Grow Up"
    Temptation. Holly Cole, 1995
Label: Blue Note Records/ Capital (Japan/ USA). Songs covered: Take Me Home Train Song Jersey Girl Temptation Falling Down Invitation To The Blues Cinny's Waltz Frank's Theme Little Boy Blue I Don't Wanna Grow Up Tango Til They're Sore, The Heart Of Saturday Night, (Looking For), Soldiers Things I Want You Good Old World, The Briar And The Rose
    Plugging The Gaps, Vol 2. Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet, 1995
Label: Tone Records 2CD003. Song covered: "More Than Rain" (from "Live At New York Town Hall" US promo CD)
    Rites of Passage. Georgette Fry. 1995
Label: Self-released. Song covered: "On The Nickel"
    Dear Sir. Cat Power (Chan Marshall). 1995
Label: Plain (re released in 2001). Song covered: "Yesterday Is Here"
    It's A Mystery. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band. 1995
Label: Capitol/ EMI Records. Song covered: "16 Shells From A Thirty Ought Six"
    Swingin' Standard Time. Jive At Five. 1995
Label: Self-released. Song covered: "Little Trip To Heaven"
    Overdressed Late Guy. Park Stickney. 1995
Label: Self-released. Song covered: "Johnsburg Illinois" (instrumental)
    Songs Of Tom Waits. Dolphin Blue. 1995
Label: Self-released demo (Germany). Songs covered: “Way Down In The Hole”, “Ol' ‘55”, “Warm Beer And Cold Women”, “I'll Be Gone”, “Telephone Call From Istanbul”, “Ruby's Arms”
    Phondue. Bourbon Street Jazz Band. 1995
Label: Zebralution. Song covered: “Telephone Call From Istanbul”
    Eyes And Ears. Bim Skala Bim. January, 1995
Label: Bib Records. Song covered: "Train Song"
    La Primera Avalancha. H�roes Del Silencio. 1995
Label: Kobra Records. Song covered: "Broken Bicycles"
    Puoli Viisi Aamulla. Sir Elwoodin Hiljaiset V�rit. 1995
Label: Self-released (Finland). Song covered: "In The Neighborhood" (Kaduilla Kallion)
    Blazing Away. Marianne Faithfull. January 3, 1995
Label: Island (Universal). Song covered: "Strange Weather"
    Sax At The Movies - 2. Jazz At The Movies Band. January 17, 1995.
Label: Discovery/ Wea. Song covered: This One's From The Heart" (instrumental)
    Boys On The Side: Original Soundtrack. Various artists. January 31, 1995
Label: Arista. Song covered: "Ol' '55" (performed by Sarah McLachlan)
    Angel Town. Joy Eden Harrison. February 1995
Label: Manifesto Records. Song covered: "Grapefruit Moon"
    Freedom Sessions. Sarah McLachlan. March, 1995
Label: MMB/ Arista (Canada). Song covered: "Ol' '55"
    Point of Departure. Mary Ellen Bernard. March, 1995
Label: Original Cast Record/ Triple Z. Song covered: "Take Me Home"
    You Must Ask The Heart. Jonathan Richman. April, 1995
Label: Rounder Records. Song covered: "The Heart Of Saturday Night"
    I Could Have Been A Sailor. Glenn Yarbrough. May 3, 1995
Label: Folk Era Records. Song covered: "Shiver Me Timbers"
    A Spanner In The Works. Rod Stewart. June, 1995
Label: Warner Bros. Records. Song covered: "Hang On St. Christopher"
    Bo Ramsey And The Backsliders Live. Bo Ramsey And The Backsliders. June, 1995
Label: Trailer. Song covered: "Clap Hands"
    It Happened One Night. Holly Cole. June, 1995
Label: Blue Note Records (Japan). Songs covered: "Trainsong" (live),  "Tango Till They're Sore" (live), "Good Old World", "Invitation To The Blues"
    Blue Valentine. Sarah Jane Morris. July 25, 1995
Label: IRMA/ Jazzhouse Records (re-released in 1996 on Ronnie Scott's Jazz). Song covered: "Blue Valentines"
    Gamblin' Days Are Over. Compulsive Gamblers. August, 1995
Label: Sympathy for the Record Industry, SFTRI 372. Song covered: "Way Down In The Hole"
    By Heart. Maggie Holland. September 14, 1995
Label: Rhiannon (RHYD5008). Song covered: "Invitation To The Blues"
    Tanz Um Den Heiligen Bim Bam. Gerd K�ster. October 30, 1995
Label: Chlodwig (BMG). Songs covered: "Clap Hands" (Maat H��sch), "Tom Traubert's Blues"
    Welcome To The Neighbourhood. Meat Loaf. November, 1995
Label: Mca Special Products. Song covered: "Martha"
    Step Right Up (The Songs Of Tom Waits). Various artists. November, 1995
Label: Manifesto Records. Songs covered: Mockin' Bird - Tindersticks, Old Shoes - Drugstore, Better Off Without A Wife - Pete Shelley, Red Shoes By The Drugstore - The Wedding Present, Step Right Up - The Violent Femmes, Downtown - Alex Chilton, Heart Of Saturday Night - Jonathan Richman, You Can't Unring A Bell - These Immortal Souls, Pasties And A G-String - Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Invitation To The Blues - Giant Sand, Ol' 55 - Dave Alvin, Jersey Girl - Pale Saints, Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis - Magnapop, Romeo Is Bleeding - MC 900ft Jesus, Ruby's Arms - Frente!, Martha - Tim Buckley
    Roadkill Cafe [EP]. Tribe 8. November 10, 1995
Label: Alternative Tentacle. Song covered: "Ice Cream Man"