Performances: 2001 - 2005

Jan. ??, '01 First Screening on TV Arte/ RTE of "Freedom Highway - Songs That Shaped a Century/ Songs of Resistance and liberation". Irish 90 min. documentary on pop and politics, made for RTE, the BBC, the Irish Film Board and ARTE. Directed by Philip King (Hummingbird Productions, 2001).Performs: "I Know I've Been Changed" and "I Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More" Recorded. Video screenshot as shown below
Still from "Freedom Highway" (Waits being interviewed)
Mar. 21, '01 Waits sits in for a few numbers at John Hammond's show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco/ USA (guitar on "Murder In The Red Barn", backing vocals on "I Know I've Been Changed" and "Cold Water"). Backed by musicians who played on the album (Stephen Hodges, Augie Meyers, Larry Taylor) and Frank Carillo, Charlie Musselwhite, Ralph Carney joining for select numbers Recorded. Picture as shown below
Waits and Hammond at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Photography by Lacy Atkins.
May 22, '01 Beverly Hilton Hotel. Waits honored with the ASCAP founders award at the 18th annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards. Short 4-song acoustic set. Recorded. ASCAP offilcial site, 2001. Video screenshot as shown below.
ASCAP Pop Music Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (with W. Bergman). Credits: unknown
May 08, '02 Aired: "Late Show With David Letterman" Interview for CBS TV show. Ed Sullivan Theater. New York/ USA. Performs: All The World Is Green. Recorded. Video screenshot as shown below. Recorded. Transcript.
TV screen shot from the "Late Show With David Letterman" Ed Sullivan Theater, New York/ USA. May 8, 2002
May 04 '03 Tom Waits appeared at the memorial celebration held for Teddy Edwards at the Hollywood Musician's Union. "Also equally enchanting, but unexpected was Tom Waits' raspy singing and light piano playing for a solo performance of "Little Man." He mentioned being on the road with Edwards and their continued friendship afterward.... Overall, the memorial was a great sendoff for musician that did things on his own terms and didn't believe in holding back. Proceeds from the event went to a scholarship in Edwards' name at Compton College." (Source: "Teddy Edwards Tribute", Jazz Times Magazine. May 4, 2003) Jazz Times magazine: May 4, 2003. Picture as shown below
Waits at the memorial celebration held for Teddy Edwards at the Hollywood Musician's Union. May 4, 2003. Credits: photography by Ricky Richardson
Jul. 31, '03 Tom Waits plays at a tribute show for Matthew Sperry (benefit for Matthew Sperry family) at San Francisco's Victoria Theatre. Setlist (Tom Waits solo on guitar and piano): Rain Dogs, Yesterday is Here, All the World is Green, Long Way Home, Cold Water, Heart of Saturday Night, Coney Island Baby, Invitation to the Blues, Take Care of All My Children, Cemetery Polka, Hang Down Your Head, Lucky Day, Innocent When You Dream (encore), Take It With Me (encore). (As sent to Raindogs Listserv Discussionlist by Alex Walker. July 31, 2003). "With a last-minute announcement that Tom Waits had joined the bill, the Matthew Sperry Memorial Concert, held at the Victoria Theatre last Thursday, had them lining up down the sidewalk holding "I Need a Miracle" signs. Whether Waits really did sign on to the show at the last minute or, rather, kept his name off the publicity to ensure Sperry's family and friends a first shot at tickets is a matter of speculation, but the show itself was definitely worth every cent of whatever the scalpers were hawking them for outside. (Granted, the show was a benefit for Sperry's wife and daughter, so you scalpers with high-speed Internet connections can pretty well figure out where to send your extra change.) Sperry, the Oakland bass player who was struck and killed by a truck June 5 while on his bicycle, left an indelible legacy for those who knew him. He was probably the Bay Area musician likeliest to elicit the most diverse memorial concert, and his cohorts and collaborators on the bill included the aforementioned Waits, with whom he played on the records Alice and Blood Money, and who put on a mesmerizing solo set using both guitar and piano, encoring with "Innocent When You Dream" and "Take It With Me." (Source: "Camper Van Beethoven reunite; Tom Waits and others remember Matthew Sperry; plus comedian Rob Cantrell" by Beth Lisick, SF August 6, 2003). San Francisco August 6, 2003. Recorded
Sep. 21, '03 "Tom Waits Joins Leading Musicians from Around the World For Healing The Divide A Benefit Concert For Peace And Reconciliation At Avery Fisher Hall At Lincoln Center, Sunday, September 21st, 2003. His Holiness The Dalai Lama To Give Special Address At Concert. (August 25, 2003, New York, NY) - It was announced that Tom Waits will be participating in an exclusive, one-night-only performance at the upcoming Healing the Divide benefit concert at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 7:00 PM. Waits will join an extraordinary and eclectic line-up of world-renowned musicians that will perform for the benefit concert dedicated to the theme of peace and reconciliation. Making a rare visit to New York City, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and one of the foremost spokespeople for peace in our time, will give a special address for the occasion." (Press release as sent to Raindogs Listserv Discussionlist/ Tom Waits Yahoo Groups discussionlist by Stuart Ross. August 23, 2003)

"The star isn't usually the opening act at a concert, but things work differently with the Dalai Lama, who begins his daily spiritual practices at 3:30 a.m. Since he had to be in bed early, he spoke at the beginning of the concert on Sunday night at Avery Fisher Hall to benefit Healing the Divide, an American organization that tries to use technology to preserve and provide access to ancient cultures like that of Tibet... Tom Waits, who closed the show in his usual guise as a lowlife sage, wisecracked: "So his holiness goes to bed at 7:30? That's not the holiness I used to know." Mr. Waits was the welcome, indecorous oddball in what had been a concert of richly meditative music. Playing to a hall with many Buddhists, Mr. Waits started his miniset singing about Jesus and Satan. "Gotta help me keep the Devil way down in the hole," he sang in his slurred growl... In a concert filled with genre-straddling collaborations, Mr. Waits was accompanied by the Kronos String Quartet and Greg Cohen on bass. The quartet arrangements worked ingenious variations on Mr. Waits's waltzes and hymnlike tunes, skewing the oom-pah-pah to various places around the beat and applying dissonances that brought out Mr. Waits's Kurt Weill connections. The quartet was most effective in "What's He Building?," a paranoid recitation that the quartet accompanied with eerie atonal creaks and scrapes. Mr. Waits's set moved through songs about death, greed, loss, love and finally faith and hope. "Always keep a diamond in your mind," he sang." (Source: "Star Starts a Show; Tom Waits Ends It" by Jon Parales. The New York Times (Arts) September 23, 2003)

The New York Times: September 23, 2003. Concert ticket as shown below. Recorded
Waits at "Healing The Divide". September 21, 2003. At Avery Fisher Hall. Lincoln Center, New York. Source: The New York Times. September 23, 2003. Photography by Jack Vartoogian. Thanks to Dorene LaLonde for donating newspaper article
Ticket for "Healing The Divide" concert for Peace and Reconciliation. September 21, 2003.
Oct. 21, '03 Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, Jason Newsted and Norton Buffalo join "Little Kids Rock" program, at Spring Valley Elementary San Francisco, that brings music instruction to elementary schools: "[Bonnie] Raitt inveigled her old pal Tom Waits to join her on piano and sing a duet of "Sweet and Shiny Eyes," a song they knew from touring together a few years back when Jerry Ford was still president. Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, currently playing with Ozzy Osbourne, picked up his bass, and Norton Buffalo added a little harmonica... They were all sitting in a circle in the Russian Hill school cafeteria Tuesday afternoon, swapping songs with the music students, beneficiaries of a program called Little Kids Rock that brings music instruction to elementary schools in four states. While TV news, radio reporters and photographers recorded the session, Little Kids Rock Executive Director David Wish, a former Redwood City second-grade teacher, led the second-, third-, fourth- and fifth- graders in writing a song, while the professional rock musicians backed them up... Tom Waits allowed that trumpet was his first instrument and that playing bugle for the Cub Scouts was his first gig. He also recalled his first piano, a trashed upright that had been left out in the rain and was given to him even though many of the keys no longer worked... "I was fine with that, though," he said. "I just played the ones that were working. I used to make up little songs when I was angry or sad. I'm still doing that." Waits, who has children of his own, told the kids he didn't remember how many movies he made. "I write songs for movies, too," he said. "They're supposed to make the movies better, but sometimes you just can't save them." (Source: "Raitt, Waits, Buffalo jam with S.F. schoolkids" Joel Selvin, Chronicle Senior Pop Music Critic. Thursday, October 23, 2003. San Francisco Chronicle) San Francisco Chronicle: October 23, 2003. Picture as shown below.
Waits, Raitt, Newsted and Buffalo at the Russian Hill school cafeteria. October 21, 2003. Photography by: David Paul Morris. Source: San Francisco Chronicle. October 23, 2003
Sep. 28, '04 Aired: "The Late Show With David Letterman" Interview for CBS TV show. Ed Sullivan Theater. New York/ USA. Performs: "Make It Rain" Recorded. Video screenshot as shown below. CBS site. Transcript.
Screenshot from "The Late Show with David Letterman". September 28, 2004

Start tour promoting Real Gone
October 2004 - November 2004

(album released: October, 2004)
Tom Waits: vocals, piano, guitar, harmonium, bullhorn.Larry Taylor: upright bass, guitar.Marc Ribot: guitar, banjo.Brian Mantia: drums, percussion

Oct. 15, '04 Orpheum Theater. Vancouver/ Canada Orpheum theatre. Ticket as shown below. Recorded. Mentioned in: Toronto Star October 5, 2004Paste Magazine December 2004
Ticket from the Orpheum Theater. October 15, 2004
Oct. 16, '04 Commodore Ballroom. Vancouver/ Canada Recorded. Commodore theatre. Ticket, poster and thank you note as shown below. Mentioned in: Toronto Star October 5, 2004
Ticket from The Commodore Theater. October 16, 2004
Poster from The Commodore Theater. October 16, 2004
Thank you note from The Commodore Theater. October 16, 2004
Oct. 18, '04 Paramount Theater. Seattle/ USA Recorded. Paramount theatre. Ticket as shown below
Ticket for the October 18th show
Nov. 13, '04 Het Toneelhuis Bourla. Antwerp/ Belgium Bourla theatre. Recorded. Ticket as shown below. Mentioned in: De Morgen September 28, 2004
Ticket for the November 13th show (thanks to Floris Cooman for donating scan)
Nov. 15-17, '04 Theater des Westens. Berlin/ Germany Theater de Westens. Tickets as shown below. Recorded
Tickets for the November 15th show
Nov. 19-21, '04 Koninklijk Theater Carr�. Amsterdam/ The Netherlands Carr� theatre. Ticket as shown below. Recorded. Mentioned in: De Volkskrant September 30, 2004The Dave Fanning Show October 8, 2004
Tickets for the November 21st show
Poster promoting the Amsterdam Carr� shows
Nov. 23, '04 Carling (Hammersmith) Apollo theatre. London/ UK Apollo theatre. Ticket as shown below. Recorded. Mentioned in: BBC Radio 4 October 4, 2004The Dave Fanning Show October 8, 2004Times online October 22, 2004
Ticket for the Nov. 23rd Apollo show.

End tour promoting Real Gone
October 2004 - November 2004

Sep. 20, '05 "From The Big Apple to The Big Easy" benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims. Radio City Music Hall/ N.Y.C./ USA. Line up: Larry Taylor: Bass; Stephen Hodges: Drums; Smokey Hormel: Guitar; Charlie Musselwhite: Harp and Marc Ribot: guitar. Set list: Way Down in the Hole, Jesus Gonna be Here, Get Behind the Mule, Murder in the Red Barn, Take Care of All My Children, I Wish I was in New Orleans, House Where Nobody Lives, Make it Rain (encore with Marc Ribot)

New York Times: "But the night's most memorable performance came from perhaps the least jubilant performer: Tom Waits. "I'm telling ya right now, I wish New Orleans was dry and Washington was under water," he growled, and when he returned for the night's only encore, he did a squint-eyed version of "Make It Rain." He sounded a bit like the city he commemorated: old and weird and set in his ways and intent � no matter what � on staying the same." (Source: "Funk, Blues, and Jams That Were Big and Easy" By Kelefa Sanneh. The New York Times. September 21, 2005)

From The Big Apple to The Big Easy official site, 2005. The New York Times. September 21, 2005. Picture as shown below

"From The Big Apple to The Big Easy" benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims. Radio City Music Hall/ N.Y.C./ USA. Credits: photography by Jon Simon
Oct. 29, '05 Tim Robbins, Marisa Tomei, Don Cheadle, Eva Mendes, Alfre Woodard, and Tom Waits will perform a staged reading of "Impossible Boulevard", adapted from the book 40 Lives-From Homelessness to Hope at the Kirk Douglas in Culver City, CA. The evening, hosted by Arianna Huffington, will include the performance and a post-show reception with the cast. Proceeds will benefit The Actors' Gang Theatre Company and OPCC, a Westside network of shelters and services for homeless youth, adults and families, battered women and their children, and people living with mental illness. Waits performed: "Cold Water", "Tom Traubert's Blues" and "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" and he joined the actors for a hand-holding lineup bow. OPCC official site, 2005. Ticket stub as shown below

Ticket stub from "Impossible Boulevard". October 29, 2005

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