Songs For The New Depression. Bette Midler, 1976
Label: Atlantic. Song covered: "Shiver Me Timbers" 
    It's A Good Night For Singin'. Jerry Jeff Walker. 1976
Label: MCA - MCA2022. Song covered: "Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night" 
    Right Side Up. Ralph McTell. 1976
Label: Warner Bros K56296 (re-released in 1982 and 2001). Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Sweet Surprise. Eric Andersen. 1976
Label: Arista Records. Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Something New. Barbie Benton, 1976
Label: Playboy Records, PB-411. Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Staying Power/ San Diego Serenade. Barbie Benton, 1976
Label: Trio/ Playboy Records, PB-203. 7" single w. tracks from "Something New". Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Stilte Als Refrein. Johan Verminnen. 1976
Label: Jean Kluger (Belgium). Song covered: "Better Off Without A Wife" (Beter Zonder Wijf)
    It Makes Me Feel Good. Cilla Black. March 1976
Label: EMI Records. Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Live At Last. Bette Midler, 1977
Label: Atlantic. Song covered: "Shiver Me Timbers"
    Broken Blossom. Bette Midler, 1977
Label: Atlantic (re-released in 1995). Song covered: "I Never Talk To Strangers" (same cut as on "Foreign Affairs")
    Lost And Found. Keith Carradine. 1978
Label: Asylum 6E114 (re-released in 2004: "I'm Easy: Lost & Found"). Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Gordon Payne. Gordon Payne. 1978
Label: A&M Records SP4725. Song covered: "Fumblin' With The Blues" (medley with "Red Light")
    The Return Of The Wanderer. Dion (DiMucci). 1979
Label: Lifesong (1979)/ Ace re-release (Return Of The Wanderer & Fire In The Night 1996, UK). Song covered: "The Heart Of Saturday Night"
    Extensions. Manhattan Transfer, 1979
Label: Atlantic. Song covered: "Foreign Affair" 
    Get It Out In The Open. Freddy Henry. 1979
Label: Cloud Records (Clouds 8809). Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Take Heart. Juice Newton. 1979
Label: Capitol ST-12000. Song covered: "San Diego Serenade"
    Last Night in Town! Betsy Kaske, 1980
Label: Mountain Railroad Records (LP: MR-52788). Song covered: "Fumblin' With The Blues" 
    Connections. Richie Havens, 1980
Label: Elektra 6E-242 (Asylum). Song covered: "Ol' '55"
    Divine madness. Bette Midler, 1980
Label: Atlantic. Song covered: "Shiver Me Timbers"
    Forgotten Dreams. Priscilla Herdman. 1980
Label: Flying Fish FF 70230 (CD) FF 90230 (Cassette). Re-released in 1993 by Flying Fish on CD. Song covered: "I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You"