Welcome to the Tom Waits Library

The Tom Waits Library is the largest website where everything about Tom Waits can be found. The site contains 1,518 pages, 8,122 images, 337 interviews, all performances, all song lyrics, all official albums, unofficial albums, movies, plays, the musicians Waits worked with etc.

It has been a bit quieter on our part. In the past year we have worked hard to convert the HTML site to a WordPress site. Not much has changed in appearance, but we can now work with more people at the same time on the updates that are needed.

That is ready now and we are celebrating on Tom Waits’ 70th birthday on December 7th with the publication of the site!

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding we were able to do the conversion. Thanks to 64 donations that together yielded € 6,220, we succeeded. The donors can be found under "support". Thank you very much for all contributions! For contributions to support our work, you can do so under "support" with PayPal.

Have fun on the site, and test your knowledge with one of the 10 tests listed under extras.