Tom Waits Library: Test 8

1) What drink does Bette Midler order in I Never Talk To Strangers?

2) Who did the art design and direction for the album Real Gone?

3) Which song did Waits contribute to the Future Soundtrack For America (2004)?

4) What did Waits supposedly advice Keith Richards to help him aerate his lawn?

5) Whose portrait is shown on the cover of the album Small Change?

6) What is the title of the third volume of the improvised Gatmo Sessions (2006)?

7) What is the title of Chuck E. Weiss' album from 2002?

8) Which Waits song features a piano tuner with a hearing aid?

9) When was the album Swordfishtrombones released?

10) What happened just before Waits was to appear on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (2006)?

11) What is the phone number Waits mentions in I'll Shoot The Moon?

12) From which song is this line: "He rides through your dreams on a coach and horses..."?

13) From who is this quote: "Who needs alcohol and drugs when you have Tom Waits?"

14) Which movie features You Can Never Hold Back Spring on its soundtrack?

15) Who directed the movie Down By Law?

16) Which claim did Waits allege against the release of the Burma Shave DVD of 2006?

17) What was the title of Rickie Lee Jones' album of 2003?

18) Which long time Waits collaborator is nicknamed "The Mole"?

19) What was the closing song of the Waits/ Wilson theatre play Alice?

20) Which venue had the last show from the U.S.A. Real Gone/ Orphans tour of 2006?

21) In which two songs does Waits sing about "balancing a diamond on a blade of grass..."?

22) Which artist did Waits successfully prevent from being banned in Houston in 1980?

23) Who is the founder of Island Records and executive producer of Big Time?

24) From which album is the song God's Away On Business?

25) Which car brand names have been mentioned in Waits' songs?