Tom Waits Library: Test 2

1) When was Tom Waits born?

2) Where is Napoleone Pizza House?

3) Who produced the album Closing Time?

4) What is the song Diamonds On My Windshield about?

5) Who is the co-author of the songs Spare Parts I & II?

6) In which movie did Tom Waits have his acting debut?

7) Which punk band got Waits in a fight at the L.A. Troubadour in 1978?

8) Who hosted the Fernwood2Night and America2Night TV shows?

9) At which venue did Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen perform Jersey Girl together?

10) Which Tom Waits song did Rickie Lee Jones cover on Girl At Her Volcano?

11) Who wrote the biography Small Change - A Life Of Tom Waits?

12) In which movie did Tom Waits play a plainclothes policeman?

13) From which album is the song Big Black Mariah?

14) What is the name of Frank's little Chihuahua?

15) Who is "the homeliest woman in the world" according to Lucky Day Overture?

16) With which band did Tom Waits record Tommy The Cat?

17) Which company was sued by Waits for using Heartattack And Vine in a commercial?

18) Who contributed the word "strangels" to The Ocean Doesn't Want Me?

19) On which album was Babbachichuija released?

20) What did Tom Waits answer when asked if he ever surfed the internet?

21) Who gave Tom Waits a lift once but ended up dropping him off at exactly the same spot?

22) From which album is the song Good Old World?

23) From which song is this line: "We're all inside a decomposing train..."?

24) In which song does Tom Waits mention The Eyeball Kid?

25) To which album did Tom Waits contribute the song Day After Tomorrow?