Tom Waits Library: Test 4

1) What is Waits' second name?

2) What was the name of the high school band Tom Waits played in?

3) Who wrote the song Big Joe & Phantom 309?

4) Who ran The Heritage coffeehouse when Tom Waits performed there?

5) When was Jon Landau's review: "Positively 84th Street - Poet of the Crack of Dawn" published?

6) What instrument did Tom Waits play when in elementary school?

7) Where did Tom Waits keep his Steinway upright when he lived at the L.A. Tropicana?

8) Which club is Pasties And A G-string supposedly about?

9) From which song is this line: "The obsession's in the chasing and not the apprehending..."?

10) Who did the photography for the album Foreign Affairs?

11) Which Tom Waits song did The Eagles cover on their album On The Border?

12) In which movie did Tom Waits star as a poolhall owner?

13) What character does Tom Waits play in Down By Law?

14) In which song does Tom Waits NOT mention the Ivar Theatre?

15) On how many movies did Francis Ford Coppola and Tom Waits work together?

16) On which albums did Victor Feldman appear?

17) Which is the only Tom Waits album John Lurie played on?

18) Who was originally to direct the play Frank's Wild Years, but didn't?

19) For which occasion in 1996 did Waits do a live show again?

20) Which U.S. city had the premiere of the Mule Variations tour in 1999?

21) At which show did Waits play a tape he had recorded in his hotel the morning before?

22) When did the play Woyzeck have its premiere?

23) Who played Marie in the Wilson/ Waits production Woyzeck?

24) In which song does Tom Waits NOT mention Cain?

25) In which song does Waits mention U.S. president George W. Bush?