The Black Rider: Credits

The Black Rider
The Casting Of The Magic Bullets, 1990

As printed in the The Black Rider 1990 program(1)

Urauff�hrung (original cast)
The Black Rider

The Casting of the Magic Bullets
Robert Wilson/Tom Waits/William Burroughs

Kuno, Erbf�rster (Old Forester): Heinz Vossbrink
Stelzfu� (Pegleg): Dominique Horwitz
Bertram, F�rster (Forester): Gerd Kunath
Anne, seine Frau (his wife): Angelika Thomas
K�tchen, seine Tochter (his daughter): Annette Paulmann
Wilhelm, Schreiber (Clerk): Stefan Kurt
Robert, J�gerbursche (Hunting Boy). Mann auf dem Hirsch (Man on Stag), Georg Schmid: Klaus Schreiber
Wilhelms Onkel (Old Uncle). Herzog (Duke): J�rg Holm
Vogel, Bote, L�ffelweib (Bird, Messenger, Spoonwoman): Sona Cervena
Zeuge, Vogel, Irrenarzt. Wilhelms Double, Skelett. (Witness, Bird, Shrink, Wilhelm's double, Skeleton): Monika Tahal
Junger Kuno, Vogel, Irrenarzt, Skelett (Young Kuno, Bird, Shrink, Skeleton): Jan Moritz Steffen
Brautjungfer, Peglegs Double (Bridesmaid, Pegleg's double): Susi Eisenkolb


Dominique Horwitz

Gerd Kunath

Angelika Thomas

Annette Paulmann


Stefan Kurt

Klaus Schreiber

J�rg Holm

Sona Cervena


Monika Tahal

Jan Moritz Steffen

Susi Eisenkolb

Musikalische Leitung, Harmonium, Klavier, Keyboard (musical supervisor, pumporgan, piano, keyboards): Hans-J�rn Brandenburg
Klarinette, Ba�klarinette (clarinet, bassclarinet): Volker Hemken
Fagott, Kontrafagott, Bratsche (bassoon, contrabassoon, viola): Henning Stoll
Horn (french horn): Christoph Moinian
Posaune, Tuba, Banjo, Hawaii-Gitarre (trombone, tuba, banjo, slide guitar): Dieter Fischer
Percussion, Marimba (percussion, marimba): Jo Bauer
Percussion, Gitarren, singende S�ge (percussion, guitars, singing saw): Frank Wulff
Kontraba�, Percussion (double bass, percussion): Stefan Sch�fer

Hans-J�rn Brandenburg

Volker Hemken

Henning Stoll

Christoph Moinian


Dieter Fischer

Jo Bauer

Frank Wulff

Stefan Sch�fer

Inszenierung und B�hnenbild (direction and stage design): Robert Wilson
Musik und Lyrics (music and lyrics): Tom Waits
Texte (texts): William Burroughs
Musikalische Gesamtleitung (musical director): Greg Cohen
Musikalisches Arrangement (musical arrangement): Greg Cohen/ Tom Waits
Kost�me (costume design): Frida Parmeggiani
Licht (light design): Heinrich Brunke/ Robert Wilson
Tongestaltung (sound design): Gerd Bessler
�bersetzung (translation): Udo Breger
Dramaturgie/ �bersetzung (dramaturg and translation): Wolfgang Wiens

Robert Wilson

William Burroughs

Greg Cohen


Frida Parmeggiani

Heinrich Brunke

Gerd Bessler

Regie-Assistenz (assistant director): Karin Drechsel/ Nicolai Sykosch
B�hnenbild-Assistenz (assistant stage design): Haus Richter/ J�rgen H�th
Kost�m-Assistenz (assistant costume design): Antje Handrich
Licht-Assistenz (assistant light design): Annette Ter Meulen
Stimmtraining (voice training): Ursula Gompf
Inspizient (stage manager): Renate Finnigan/ Andr� Saunier
Souffleuse (prompter): Vera Trommer

Beleuchtung (lighting): Bernd Dietl
B�hnentechnik (stage supervisor): Mathias Nitsche
Tontechnik (sound department): Peter Scholler
Maske (make-up direction): Werner Merz
Requisite (props): Ralf Ecker
Kost�mwerkst�tten (costume department): Martina Steiner/ Rainer Pfannkuche
Kost�mmalerei (costume painting): Klaudia Noltensmeyer
Dekorationswerkst�tten (fabric craftwork): Jakob Althaus
Technische Konzeption (technical conception): Peter Holtz
Technische Leitung (technical supervisor): J�rg Christopher
Pers�nlicher Assistent von Robert Wilson (personal assistant to Robert Wilson): Matthias Harbeck
Regie-Hospitanz (direction intern): Ingo Mix
B�hnenbild-Hospitanz (stage intern): Klaus Gr�nberg
Kost�m-Hospitanz (costume intern): Andrea Bakos/ Katrin K�hler
Musik-Hospitanz (music intern): Nina Hartwig
Video (video): Claudia Krebs

Pause nach dem 8. Bild. Auff�hrungsdauer ca. 2 1/2 Stunden
Premiere am 31. M�rz 1990
Auff�hrungsrechte bei den Autoren, vertreten durch das Thalia Theater
Eine Inszenierung des Thalla Theaters in Koproduktion mit den Wiener Festwochen mit
freundlicher Unterst�tzung von Lufthansa, der Stiftung zur F�rderung des Thalia Theaters und Take 12.
Die internationalen Gastspiele organisiert und unterst�tzt Hahn & Molitor Produktion.
F�r das Make-up der Darsteller wurden CHANEL-Kosmetikprodukte verwendet.
Robert Wilson wishes to express his thanks to the World Sponsors who support his work
through contributions to the Byrd Hoffman Foundation: Anonymous, Pierre Berg�, Ethel
de Croisset, Betty Freeman and Yves Saint Laurent.

The Black Rider
The Casting Of The Magic Bullets, 2004

As printed in the The Black Rider 2004 program(2)

Direction, set and lighting by Robert Wilson
Music and Lyrics by Tom Waits
Original Musical Arrangements by Greg Cohen and Tom Waits
Text by William Burroughs Dramaturgy by Wolfgang Wiens
Produced by Bite:04 and Cultural Industry
Co-produced by San Francisco and the Sydney Festival

Cast in order of appearance:
Wilhelm's Old Uncle, Duke: Jack Willis
Pegleg: Marianne Faithfull
Attendant, Warden, Bird, Wilhelm's Double, Ghost: Monika Tahal (also 1990 cast)
Bridesmaid, Pegleg Double, Ghost: Gabriella Santinelli
Robert, a Hunting Boy, Man on Stag, Georg Schmid: Nigel Richards
Kuno, the Old Forester: Richard Strange
Bird, Messenger, Ghost: Sona Cervena (also 1990 cast)
Young Kuno, Warden, Bird, Ghost: Jake Thornton
Anne, Bertram's wife: Janet Henfrey
K�thchen, her daughter: Mary Margaret O'Hara
Wilhelm, a Clerk: Matt McGrath
Bertram, the Forester: Dean Robinson

Jack Willis

Marianne Faithfull

Monika Tahal

Gabriella Santinelli


Nigel Richards

Richard Strange

Sona Cervena

Jake Thornton


Janet Henfrey

Mary Margaret O'Hara

Matt McGrath

Dean Robinson

A brand new band, The Magic Bullets, has been created to provide the live musical accompaniment for the eagerly anticipated Robert Wilson/Tom Waits/ William S Burroughs collaboration The Black Rider

The musicians are: Bent Clausen (music director and adaptation; piano, drums, marimba and banjo); David Coulter (associate music director; musical saw, stroh violin, mandolin, ukulele, didgeridoo); Thomas Bloch (glass harmonica, ondes martenot, cristal baschet); Rory McFarlane (double bass); Kate St John (oboe, cor anglais, saxophone, accordion); Terry Edwards (saxophones, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, guitar); Caroline Hall (clarinet, trombone, marimba); Jack Pinter (clarinets, saxophones, flutes, brass instruments). In addition all musicians play various percussion instruments.

Bent Clausen

Bent Clausen and Tom Waits at the premiere of Woyzeck
(Betty Nansen theatre. November 8, 2000)(9)

Bent Clausen leads The Magic Bullets and plays drums, vibraphone, piano, marimba and banjo. A central figure on the modern creative music scene in Denmark, he started as a rock drummer, but was soon drawn towards modern jazz, new music and world-music. For 20 years he toured every continent with the internationally acknowledged Pierre D�rge's New Jungle Orchestra. In 2000 his career took a new direction when Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan chose him as collaborator in the creative process of arranging the music for Woyzeck for The Betty Nansen Theatre. As Music Director, Bent toured with the Wilson/Waits production in 16 countries. He has appeared on over 60 albums, including Tom Waits' Blood Money (2002) and Alice (2002).

David Coulter

Tom Waits with David Coulter. San Francisco. September/ October, 2004(7)

David Coulter is a freelance musician/composer/performer/teacher based in Brixton. Over the last twenty years his numerous live and studio collaborations have included work with The Pogues, Kronos Quartet, Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawnhey, Ed Harcourt, Thea Gilmore, Test Dept, Peter Hammill, Steve Martland, The Communards, Vivian Stanshall, Joe Strummer, Roger Eno, Steve Nieve, Marc Ribot, Sarah-Jane Morris, John Harle, Hector Zazou and Michael Gira. He is also an accomplished player on the digeridoo. David toured Japan in 2003 with Richard Strange as The Doctors of Madness, performed as part of BITE:04 at the Barbican with The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and plays musical saw in Hal Wilner's Nino Rota/Fellini tribute concert also at the Barbican.

Thomas Bloch

Thomas Bloch has performed countless concerts across the world and contributed to over 50 recordings, including, as a Naxos artist, Messiaen's Turangalila Symphonie (Midem Classical Music Award 2002) and Mozart's glass harmonica quintet for Milos Forman's film Amadeus(2001). His music ranges from classical and contemporary to jazz and rock and he has collaborated with Radiohead, John Cage, Isabelle Huppert, Coba (Bjork's accordionist), Amsterdam Concertgebouw and Milano Scala. Thomas plays rare glass instruments and has mastered the worlds first analog electronic keyboard.

Rory McFarlane
Rory McFarlane began his musical career as a bassist with the legendary folk guitarist Richard Thompson. He has since recorded and toured with virtuoso violinist Nigel Kennedy for eight years and worked with songwriters Loudon Wainwright, Julia Fordham, and Tanita Tikaram. Rory has also played in several West End shows including Bombay Dreams, Fame, Starlight Express, Les Miserables and A Streetcar Named Desire. He has recently recorded with Mercury-nominated minimalists Lemon Jelly and been reunited with Richard Thompson for US and European tours and a live CD.

Kate St John

At home in all manner of musical genres from pop to jazz to classical, Kate St. John played oboe and sax with Van Morrison for four years, The Dream Academy for eight years and was a member of the eclectic, improvisational collective Channel Light Vessel with Roger Eno and Bill Nelson. Kate has toured and recorded with Nigel Kennedy, musically directed and arranged a Nick Drake tribute concert at the Barbican as part of English Originals 1999 and in April 2004 Kate is a featured artist in Hal Wilner's Nino Rota/Fellini tribute concert at the Barbican. Her two atmospheric solo albums Indescribable Night (1995) and Second Sight (1997) mixed classical, jazz and folk idioms and won critical acclaim.

Terry Edwards

Multi-instrumentalist Terry Edwards first came to notice in 1981 by John Peel championing his band The Higsons. His subsequent career as a session player has seen him touring Europe, Japan, Australia and the USA with all manner of bands including, in the past 12 months, Jimi Tenor, Lydia Lunch, Snuff, ex-Pistol Glen Matlock, and Madness. He has written for choreographer Charles Linehan (Rialto) and was invited to play alongside Alexander Balenescu and Marc Ribot at per>SON in Cologne, 2002. That same year Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats stole the show at David Bowie's Meltdown. He is currently working on interpretations of English nursery rhymes for release on his Sartorial label.

Caroline Hall
A talented and versatile performer and multi-instrumentalist (playing trombone, bass-clarinet, clarinet, flute, piano, vibraphone, accordion, percussion), Caroline Hall is at home on the stage as both an actress and a musician. Her credits include Pericles (National Theatre), It's a Mad, Mad World, My Masters (Globe Theatre), Cabaret (Chichester Festival Theatre) and Threepenny Opera (Donmar Warehouse). She has worked and recorded with Jools Holland's Big Band, Billy Bragg, The Happy End, Salsa y Ach�, and currently plays trombone with Klezmer Klub and works as a session musician.

Jack Pinter
Jack Pinter's career has spanned every conceivable musical genre, winding a path from New York to Nashville to Hamburg to London. Jack has appeared with Ella Fitzgerald, Dave Brubeck and Dizzy Gillespie and has featured extensively with the North German Radio Big Band. He is an accomplished player of most wind instruments including horns. Jack has played with orchestras and modern music ensembles in the U.S. and across Europe and has recorded with artists including Roy Acuff, Robert Fripp, Anastacia, The Stereo MCs and Persian icon Dariush. He has composed music for PBS Television and for productions at theatres including the National Theatre, Manchester Royal Exchange and Nottingham Playhouse.

Cover for the 2004 San Francisco program(8)

The Black Rider
The Casting Of The Magic Bullets, 2006

Direction, set and lighting by Robert Wilson
Music and lyrics by Tom Waits
Original musical arrangements by Greg Cohen and Tom Waits
Text by William Burroughs. Dramaturgy by Wolfgang Wiems
Costumes by: Frida Parmeggiani
Associate producer: Ann-Christin Rommen
Produced by Center Theatre Group. Los Angeles/ USA, 2006.
Originally produced by BITE 04 Barbican and Cultural Industry and co-produced by ACT San Francisco and Sydney Festival.

Ann-Christin Rommen

Cast in order of appearance:
Wilhelm's Old Uncle, Duke: John Vickery
Pegleg: Vance Avery
Attendant, Warden, Bird, Wilhelm's Double, Ghost: Monika Tahal (also 1990/ 2004 cast)
Bridesmaid, Pegleg Double, Ghost: Gabriella Santinelli
Robert a Hunting Boy, Man on Stag, Georg Schmid: Nigel Richards
Kuno, the Old Forester: Richard Strange
Bird, Messenger, Ghost: Sona Cervena (also 1990/ 2004 cast)
Young Kuno, Warden, Bird, Ghost: Jake Thornton
Anne, Bertram's wife: Joan Mankin
K�thchen, Bertram and Anne's daughter: Mary Margaret O'Hara
Wilhelm, a Clerk: Matt McGrath
Bertram, the Forester: Dean Robinson

John Vickery

Vance Avery

Monika Tahal

Gabriella Santinelli


Sona Cervena

Jake Thornton

Nigel Richards

Richard Strange


Joan Mankin

Mary Margaret O'Hara

Matt McGrath

Dean Robinson

The Magic Bullets:
Bent Clausen (musical director, piano, pump organ, toy piano, drums, marimba). David Coulter (associate musical director; musical saw, stroh violin, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, didgeridoo). Thomas Bloch (glass harmonica, ondes martenot, cristal baschet). Terry Edwards (baritone saxophone, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, guitar). Caroline Hall (trombone, tuba, bass clarinet, marimba). Rory McFarlane (double bass). Jack Pinter (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor, soprano and sopranino saxophones, flute, bass flute, piccolo). Kate St John (oboe, cor anglais, alto saxophone, accordion). In addition all musicians play percussion instruments. Score adaption and orchestration by Bent Clausen.

Further reading:
Dominique Horwitz (German)
Stefan Kurt (German)
Richard Strange
Mary Margaret O'Hara
Matt McGrath
Bent Clausen
David Coulter
Thomas Bloch
Kate St. John
Terry Edwards 
Jake Thornon


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