Tom Waits Library: Test 7

1) To which production did Waits contribute the song Bend Down The Branches?

2) Which Waits collaborator has a cameo in the movie Short Cuts?

3) In which song does Waits introduce us to the whirligig beetle?

4) Who is the author of the original Woyzeck?

5) Who are the two people pictured on the cover of Rain Dogs?

6) What is an Optigan?

7) In which song does Waits proclaim that "there ain't no pretty girls in France.."?

8) Which song was inspired by The Anniversary Waltz?

9) Which song did The Ramones cover on their 1995 album Adios Amigos?

10) What does Waits carry with him in the 1987 Limo Interview?

11) When was the footage for the Big Time movie shot?

12) What is the only Tom Waits song with bagpipes on it?

13) Who directed the Big Time movie?

14) When was the album Foreign Affairs released?

15) From which song is the line "The devil dances inside empty pockets..."?

16) Against which company did Waits file a lawsuit in 1988?

17) From which album is the song Old Boyfriends?

18) Which Tom Waits song was covered by Johnny Cash?

19) Which Tom Waits song starts with: "George was a good straight boy to begin with..."?

20) When was the first time Waits told "The Bacteria story" as quoted in God's Away On Business?

21) Which was the first song to have the line"I'm gonna love you till the wheels come off..."?

22) Who is the original writer of King Kong as covered on Orphans?

23) Where was the Tales From The Underground series supposedly manufactured?

24) What is the title of the interview disc, released to promote Alice/ Blood Money in 2002?

25) When was it first rumoured that Waits was going to release an album called Orphans?