Tom Waits Library: Test 1

1) What's the name of the rockmanager who discovered Waits?

2) Where did Waits' first paid appearance take place?

3) Which song is NOT on the album Closing Time?

4) Who is the bass player on Nighthawks At The Diner?

5) What year did Tom Waits tour Europe for the first time?

6) From which song is this line: "This peeping Tom needs a peephole..."?

7) Who wrote the soundtrack for Paradise Alley?

8) Which song is on the soundtrack for Down By Law?

9) Which character did Tom Waits play in Demon Wine?

10) On which Ken Nordine album did Waits appear?

11) Who played Alice in the Waits/ Wilson production from 1992?

12) Which Tom Waits collaborator is mentioned in the song Buzz Fledderjohn?

13) From which song is this line: "Cause hell is boiling over and heaven is full..."?

14) Whom is the song Whistle Down The Wind dedicated to?

15) Who wrote the words for 'T 'Ain't No Sin?

16) In which city is Harry's Hafen Basar?

17) In what year was the album Beautiful Maladies released?

18) Which two songs did Tom Waits contribute to the Dead Man Walking soundtrack album?

19) In which song does Waits mention "Telapia fish cakes and fried black swan..."?

20) Which instrument is not used on the album Real Gone?

21) On which album did Tom Waits release his version of It's All Right With Me?

22) Who was the first to record a cover of a Tom Waits song?

23) Which Tom Waits song did Solomon Burke cover on his album Don't Give Up On Me?

24) Who directed the promo video for Lie To Me Baby?

25) In which song does Tom Waits NOT mention St. Louis?