Big Time: Credits


Big Time opening sequence (Big Time screenshot)

Opening credits from Big Time movie:

Tom Waits - Big Time, a Vivid Production. Un Operachi Romantico.
Executive Producer: Chris Blackwell.
The musicians: Michael Blair, Ralph Carney, Greg Cohen, Marc Ribot, Willy Schwarz.
Stage show concept: Kathleen Brennan & Tom Waits. Directed by Chris Blum.

Michael Blair

Ralph Carney

Greg Cohen

Marc Ribot

Willy Schwarz

Closing credits from Big Time movie:

Director: Chris Blum. Executive Producer: Chris Blackwell. Producer: Luc Roeg. Line Producer: Lucy Phillips. First Assistant Director: Lucy Phillips. Director Of Photography: Daniel Hainey. Editor: Glenn Scantlebury. Associate Producer: Ellen Smith. Co-Associate Producer: Catherine Peacock-Longo.

The Band: Michael Blair: Drums, Percussions, Bongos, Brake Drums. Ralph Carney: Saxes, Clarinets, Barintone Horn. Greg Cohen: Electric Bass, Basstarda, Alto Horn. Marc Ribot: Guitars, Banjo, Trumpet. Willy Schwarz: Accordian, Hammond Organ, Sitar, Conga.

Tour Personnel: Tour Manager: Stuart Ross, Art Directors: Sterling Storm, Chris Blum. Set Director: Joe McGraw. Stage Managers: Joe McGraw, Chris Holmes. Lighting Designers: Tom Waits, Darryl Palagi. Lighting Director: Darryl Palagi. Monitor Engineer: Les Banks. House Sound Engineer: John Oster.

Stuart Ross

Chris Blum

Sterling Storm

Tour Coordination: Kathleen Brennan, Ellen Smith. Head Zoo Keeper: Mathilde Lemann. Love & Money: Teresa Jones. 
Featuring: Miss Keiko, Gerty The Monkey.

Film Crew: Production Manager: Liz Gazzano. Production Coordinator: Connie Lemasson. Second Assistant Director: Liz Gazzano. Art Director: Sterling Storm. Costume Design: Henk Ford. Camera Operators: Daniel Hainey, Laurence Grunberg, Jon Else, David Myers, Tom Tuckers, Sven Kirsten. First Camera Assistants: Rod Williams, Joe Ward, Paul Marbury, Barbara Kloeppel, John Gasdick, Caris Palm, Don Hayashi, Lighting Director: Daniel Hainey. Lighting Consultant: Sven Kirsten.

L.A. Coordinator: Linda Valenzuela-Quakenbush. Gaffer: Patrick Shellenberger. Best Boy: Steve Condiotti. Third Electric: Rob Doumitt. Fourth Electric: Robie Price. Key Grip: Charlie Stephens. Best Boy: Peter Thomas. Grip/ Driver: Jim Stuart. Utility: Chris Shellenberger.

Concert Recording & Remix: Biff Dawes. Multiple Camera Slating: Bill Youdelman. Production Sound Mixer: Philip Perkins. Boom Operator: Steve Balliet. Audio Assistants: Douglas Field, Mike Carver, John Crymes, Ron Morgan, David Glover.

Video Technicians: Bruce Smith, Tom Yuill. Second Camera Assistants: Otis Bess, Julian Whatley, Cheryl Smith. Camera Loaders: Otis Bess, Julian Whatley, Elise Couvillion, Mark Herzig, John Small, Drake Rice. Camera Utilities: Chris Thomas, Catherine D'Ambrosio, Darrell Flowers, Chris Shellenberger, Richard Look, Jim Simmons. Script Supervisor: Barbara Martinelli. Propmen: Randy Brase, Josh Koral.

L.A. Production Manager: Anita Zommers. Production Assistants: Damon Chesse, Dale Geist, Michael Frost, Kate Danaher, Kelly Courtney, Matt Chesse, Mike Manson, Peter Dusthimer. Location Photographer: Robert Gerometta. First Assistant Editor: Sara Roberts. Assistant Editor: Thomas O'Shea. Additional Editorial Assistance: David Bergad.

Supervising Sound Editor: Val Kuklowsky. Sound Effects Editor: Michael Bloecher. Assistant Sound Editor: Cybele O'Brien. Apprentice Sound Editor: Georgia Kacandas. Re-Recording Mixer: Gary Summers. Music Mixing Consultant: Blake Leyh. Telecine Colorist: Dan McNamara. Spanish Announcer: Adam Bomb. Additional Recording: Matthew Colleran.

Video Facility: One Pass Film & Video, Inc. Editorial by: Seamless Pictures. Music Mix-Down at: Sunset Sound Recording. Re-Recording Facilities: Sprocket Systems a division of Lucasfilm Ltd. Location Audio facilities: Westwood One. Color by: Monaco Labs, S.E. Negative Conforming: Nancy Paweski. Titles And Opticals by: Cinematte. Soundtrack Negative & Processing by: PBRS, Inc. Cameras And Lenses courtesy of: Lee Utterbach Camera. Grip & Lighting Equipment: Davies-Thomas-Condiotti Grip & Electric, S.E. Band Wardrobe: Mandy Jackson. Main Title Design: Concept Arts.

Special thanks to Vivid Productions. Production Supervisor: Linda Valenzuela-Quakenbush. Production Accountant: Diane Langusch. � Island Visual Arts Inc. 1988.

Big Time band and crew, November 1987. With: Greg Cohen and Stuart Ross (top left), Ralph Carney, Michael Blair and Marc Ribot (middle row), Willy Schwarz (front left). Credits: as printed in “Lowside Of The Road: A Life Of Tom Waits" by Barney Hoskyns. Faber/ Broadway, 2009. courtesy of Ralph Carney

Big Time album credits (1988):

� Island Visual Arts Inc. (P) Island Records Inc. 7 90987-2. Jalma Music, Admin. by Ackee Music, Inc. (ASCAP). Island ITW4 (LP). Island 422-842 470-2 (CD). except for "Red Shoes" and "Ruby's Arms" published by Fifth Floor Music Inc. (ASCAP).
Biff Dawes: recording, re-mixing. Jon Oster: re-mixing. Ellen Smith: project coordinator. Catharina Masters: production coordinator ("Falling Down"). Chris Blackwell: executive producer. Lucinda Cowel: cover art.

- Tom Waits: vocals, guitar ("Cold Cold Ground", "Strange Weather"), organ ("Falling Down"), producer.
- Kathleen Brennan-Waits: producer, co-writer ("Strange Weather", "Yesterday Is Here").
- Michael Blair: drums, percussion, bongos, brake drum.
- Ralph Carney: saxes, clarinets, baritone horn.
- Greg Cohen: electric bass, Basstarda, alto horn, co-writer ("Straight To The Top").
- Marc Ribot: guitars, banjo, trumpet
- Willy Schwarz: accordion, hammond organ, sitar, conga.
- Fred Tackett: guitar ("Falling Down").
- Richie Hayward: drums ("Falling Down").
- Larry Taylor: upright bass ("Falling Down").

Fred Tackett

Richie Hayward

Larry Taylor

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