Tom Waits Library: Test 3

1) From which song is this line: "Two dead ends and you've still got to choose..."?

2) What kind of car is the protagonist from The Heart Of Saturday Night driving?

3) What was the name of the diner beneath the L.A. Tropicana Motel?

4) Who was the drummer on Small Change?

5) What year was Blue Valentine released?

6) What year were Tom Waits and Chuck E. Weiss arrested for "disturbing the peace"?

7) How many albums did Tom Waits do with producer Bones Howe?

8) On which show did Tom Waits use the "frontal lobotomy" quote?

9) In which video does Val Diamond play a ventriloquist's doll?

10) In which city did the play Frank's Wild Years have its premiere?

11) What instrument does Tom Waits play during his cameo in One From The Heart?

12) What's the name of the main character from The Black Rider play?

13) In what year did the Wilson/ Waits theatre production Alice premiere?

14) Which song is NOT on the album Big Time?

15) Who gave Tom Waits the line: "We're all gonna be just dirt in the ground..."?

16) On which album was Filipino Box Spring Hog released for the first time?

17) Who is the original creator of The Eyeball Kid?

18) From which album is the song Innocent When You Dream?

19) How does Waits call the percussion rack he had built by Serge Etienne?

20) What is, according to Waits, the biggest enemy of computers?

21) Which Tom Waits track features a Glass Armonica

22) Which two songs did Waits contribute to the Big Bad Love soundtrack?

23) In which movie does Tom Waits play a weapons designer?

24) Who wrote the biography Wild Years: The music and myth of Tom Waits?

25) Which song did Tom Waits do on the David Letterman show of 2002?