Tom Waits Library: Test 5

1) From which song is this line: "These old Tom-cat feelings you don't understand..."?

2) On which album is the song Please Call Me, Baby?

3) Which Bonnie Raitt album features the song Sweet And Shiny Eyes?

4) Which artist did Tom Waits never open for?

5) Where did Waits tour to promote The Heart Of Saturday Night in 1974/1975?

6) For which book did Waits write the foreword?

7) With whom did Waits write a film script that was never turned into a movie?

8) When did Rickie Lee Jones have her breakthrough with Chuck E.'s In Love?

9) What had happened just before Waits was to appear on the Mike Douglas Show in 1976?

10) What was the first thing Waits did when Bette Midler came over to his place in 1975?

11) Where did Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan first meet?

12) How many lines did Tom Waits have in the movie The Outsiders?

13) Which song is on the soundtrack for Bad Timing?

14) According to Waits, which song off Heartattack And Vine does his wife Kathleen really hate?

15) Which song is NOT an instrumental?

16) What does the title and cover of Nighthawks At The Diner seem to be inspired by?

17) Which is the only Tom Waits album Carlos Guitarlos has played on?

18) What is the first Tom Waits album Larry Taylor played on?

19) Which version of Heartattack And Vine was used for a 1993 Levi Strauss commercial?

20) When did Allen Ginsberg pass away?

21) Where did they use to hold the annual Waitstock meeting?

22) Which country is most often mentioned in Tom Waits' songs?

23) In which song does Waits mention Florence Nightingale?

24) Against which company did Waits, and others, file a lawsuit in 2001?

25) For which song was Waits nominated for a Grammy award in 2004?