Official statutory name

Tom Waits Library Foundation

bank account NL97 SNSB 0706 0409 45

Chamber of Commerce registration number 70967466

business address Pieterskerkhof 24, 2311 ST Leiden, the Netherlands


RSIN number

RSIN not yet received


Contact details


Objective according to statutes

Article 2

1. The purpose of the foundation is:

Studying and making accessible the artistic oeuvre of and giving more prominence to the American singer, composer, writer and actor Tom Waits, born on December 7, nineteen hundred and forty nine, all in the broadest sense by maintaining, maintaining and continuously developing a website;

The performance of all further actions that are related to the foregoing in the broadest sense or that may be conducive thereto.

2. The foundation aims to serve the public interest.

3. The foundation does not aim to make a profit.


Outline of current policy plan

  • After the takeover of the site, from the founder the first task was to convert the site to WordPress. This makes it possible for people to work on the site at the same time in templates, which does not affect the appearance of the site.
  • In order to be able to make this extensive conversion, an offer was requested from no large number of companies and crowdfunding was started to be able to pay for it. In 2018, that led to the assignment to convert the site.
  • This work will be ready at the end of 2019 and the new site with the familiar look and feel can be put live. We do that on Tom Waits' 70th birthday on December 7.
  • A number of editors have since reported to work on updating the site. We are now also going to make the Inventory of parts that need to be updated on the site. We are currently looking for an editor in chief to coordinate this work.
  • The site must be brought to the attention again by distributing the updates through social media and existing channels such as Epitaph. The mail groups still exist, twitter is fairly active and Instagram needs to be set up.
  • Now that the site goes live, the donors and donors of the goodies will be thanked. They are our ambassadors.
  • Through the donation option on the website we want to get financial opportunities to invest in the site with updates, and to cover the running costs for subscriptions. We will discuss whether to encourage a pop-up when visiting with the call to donate via PayPal.


Board composition

  • Kees Lau, chairman
  • Hans Eikelenboom, secretary
  • Imro Simmelink, treasurer


Remuneration policy

Article 4, paragraph 6.

The board members receive no remuneration for their work. They are entitled to reimbursement of the costs and vacancy fees incurred by them in the performance of their duties. All payments made to board members are included and explained as such in the financial statements.


Current report of the activities performed

  • December 2011: Last update website

  • November 2012: Consultation about future website

  • January 2013: First estimate to convert the website from HTML to WordPress

  • September 2015: HTML website published on new domain

  • March 2017: Consultation about the future of the website

  • June 2017: Budget set for transfer HTML to WordPress

  • September 2017: Collecting offers for transferring from html site to WordPress

  • January 2018: Transfer of the archive of Tom Waits Library to the new librarians

  • February 2018: Formation of the board for the Tom Waits Library Foundation and pass the statutes

  • March 2018: Selection of the company for the website conversion

  • April 2018: Collecting rewards for crowdfunding donations

  • April 2018: Registration with "Voor De Kunst" for online crowdfunding

  • May 2018: Crowdfunding starts

  • June 26, 2018: We achieved final goal with 64 donations that together yielded € 6,220

  • October 2018: NM online starts with the conversion of the website

  • November 2019: Delivery by NM online of the website in WordPress

  • December 7, 2019: Publication of the website


Balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure with explanatory notes

Follows January 1, 2020


Further reading

Statutes (in Dutch)

Certified Chamber of Commerce registration